Instructions: Please take the time to introduce yourself. Put any contact information you have. Also explain why you are taking this workshop series.

boonandtina_sm.jpgTina Steele
My name is Tina Steele. I am the Technology Director at Tri County Technology Center. I wanted to facilitate this series because since I attended the NECC07 Conference, I have learned so much. (Click here to see my wiki on NECC07.) I have always known that students today are using technology to learn. Studies are now showing that they are even different kinds of learners because of the technology. I am so excited to share with you all that I have learned, as well as an insight into their world. I hope that you will be able to gain a better understanding of how students are naturally using technology to interact, collaborate, explore, discover, and learn. With that, I hope it will enhance your relationships and teaching experiences in the classroom.

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kendall_sm.jpgKendall Baker
I'm Kendall Baker and I just wanted to learn about all this new technology. I'm always trying to upgrade my skills and trying to stay on top of what my students are using. I thought this would be fun and I would learn a lot.

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Angela Barnes
Hi to all! I wanted to learn some of the teen "jargon" that seems like such a mystery to me. I even get confused when my sons email me and I don't understand what they are asking. :-) I wanted to make sure that I know enough to engage my students in my classroom through the use of technology.

I love spending time with my husband and my children. We watch movies together (my favorite are war movies---really any type of action movie), run together (we are training for the 1/2 marathon in Dec in Dallas), kickboxing, garden together, and basically anything that keeps us moving and active . My husband is a software engineer for a company located in Tulsa. We live in Owasso. My oldest son is attending OSU enrolled in Electrical Engineering. My middle son is in 10th grade and is on the cross country team and the trach team. He has a personal goal to run a 5K in under 17 minutes. Right now, he runs sub-20 minute for a 5K. My youngest son is the "class-clown" for his 8th grade. He enjoys football and talking. :) That's our family in a nutshell!

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heather.jpg Heather Pollock
I'm Heather Pollock and I am very excited about this class. I always hear talk about all the new technology and never can keep up. I hope to learn all the new stuff so I can learn all the new lingo!!


Tara Gotwalt
Last but not least....Tina thinks I am techno savvy, but I know nothing about this type of stuff!!! I figure I need to know so I can relate to my students and possibly find interesting ways to use it in teaching. And, if Angela and Kendall are in here, then I have to be or I am not cool!!!

Glenda Inman
Hey Guys!! I can't wait to get started on this. Maybe I can catch up with my students! Today they had to show me how to turn on my Ipod Nano! Then, they had to show me how to turn it off!!! I guess this is NOT where I should mention that I teach technology classes!

juddthumb.jpgJudd Lee
I take as many of these kinds of classes as I can, so I can continue to pull the wool over everyones eyes and carry on the facade of a computer technician. Mostly I'm just trying to keep up with my boss!
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Brenda Irving
I just wanted to learn more technical language so I can keep up with the kiddos in my class. I thought I had sold my home and 40 acres at Adair, but closing didn't happen, and I moved back during Thanksgiving break. I think it was a blessing. I hadn't lived there for over a year, and I realize I have missed it. This is a old home place and there is still lots to do there even though I have already worked on it for 6 years. My time will be spent working around the place, landscaping. I sold all my horses before I moved, but now I think might have to get another one. My OH SO BEAUTIFUL grand daughter, Kaitlyn will be 3 in March. I have a feeling she might share my love of a big old barn and a new baby colt. : )

David Johnson
I am the newest teaching instructor on campus and I teach ACR. I am a great teacher and the students are learning tons of information. My dad blew up the engine in my truck in Texas last week, so I had to go get it over the holiday. Fortunate for me, I own 500 cars, like a rock star, and I just drive the camaro instead. And, I am way better at this techno stuff than any of the rest of you, so don't forget it!

native.jpgJune Lee
I wanted to learn some new things to incorporate in the classroom. I think this would be a good tool to use for journaling, class assignments, etc. I do enjoy scrapbooking, and spending time with family. I also think that Angela is the best exercise teacher in the whole world....:)
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