Classroom 2.0

Photo by Dimitry Ersler
There is one social network that you can join called "Classroom 2.0." There, educators that are interested in using Web 2.0 tools and collaborative technologies are coming together. You may want to join this group. I am already a member.

Many teachers are still "Digital Immigrants." However, there are many who are trying to create an classroom 2.0 environment using Web 2.0 tools. One example is Amy Vejraska (tansmom) as she indicates in her blog post "Loose Ends."

Cathy Nelson worked with a teacher and group of students to do a classroom 2.0 project. Check out their project. at "What does Engagement Look Like?"

Chris Lehman is the principal and co-founder of a charter school in Chicago - the Science Leadership Academy. Here is a blog post of a recent trial that he did using ustream (which is blocked at our school).

Students today are SO amazing. Students are comfortable using Web 2.0 tools because they are "Digital Natives.

One example of an amazing student is Daniel Brusilovsky. He has his own blog, podcast, etc. See the video interview of him below.

Read Daniel's blog too.

As with any technologies, there always seem to be some debate following its use. Here are some differing opinions on uses of certain Web 2.0 tools:

Here are some additional resources:

The Learning Journ [[|]]

Who's Afraid of the Digital Natives?


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