Watch "Wiki's in Plain English" by Lee Lefever. (The Common Craft)

Read Jennifer Wagner's The Whats and Whys of a Wikis.

Read Britne Rockwell's Blog Post "Choosing the Best Wiki for Your Needs"

Two of the most popular places to make a wiki are pbwiki or wikispaces.

Please add your ideas below:

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What are some ways that you can think of to use a wiki?

What are some ways that wikis could be used in the classroom?

Check out Kristen Hokanson's awesome example of a classroom wiki "Learning Latin America."

Read Steve Dembo's (teach42) article "Stretching with Wikis."

Check out Vicki Davis' Wiki (Cool Cat Teacher Blog) Flat Classroom Project.

Check out Mark Wagner's The GooglIED Wiki.

See if you can find other classroom projects and request to join those that you find interesting.

List below some wikis that you have found or joined.

Discovered By
JoKay's Wiki
An example of a professional wiki where she links to her projects, including a welding project that I found interesting.
Alec's Media Literacy Wiki
A wiki devoted to media literacy. Topics include cyberbullying and online privacy.
The Connected Classroom
Kristin Hokanson's wiki devoted to creating a connected classroom and links to conferences. A great comparison chart of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 is here. There are also great example of student blogs.
Ms. Tina's NECC07 Wiki
An example where conference notes from the NECC 2007 are captured in a wiki.
A wiki for a course by Alec Couros. Instead of Blackboard or Moodle, this will serve as the main source of information for the course.
The home wiki of the presentation "Did You Know" where you can join the discussion about 21st Century Learning."
Web 2.0 in Education
A wiki created by Steve Hargadon about Web 2.0.
This is the wiki of the month. Created by educators for educators! Check it out!
Transforming Learning
Project Based Learning Using the Inquiry Approach - Wikis, Blogs